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Ceramic Diffuser of Parfum de Grasse

Ceramic Diffuser of Parfum de Grasse gives scent by slowly diffusing fragrance after spraying and absorbing fragrance in a pottery. The intensity of fragrance becomes weak over time. In this regard, you can adjust the intensity of fragrance by respraying fragrance. You can enjoy fragrance by placing this product in your desired space such as bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and office.


  • Please do not use the enclosed fragrance for purposes other than its intended purpose (air freshener), such as bathing, inhalation and food.

  • Please keep this product out of reach of animals and children.

  • Please do not spray this product to humans and animals.

  • When the fragrance is in contact with your eyes, please wash your eyes with running water immediately. Please consult a doctor if you experience any uncommon symptom.

  • Please spray the fragrance to the ceramic so that it will not be in contact with furniture and clothes.

  • Please avoid direct sunlight and fire on the product. Please keep it in a cool place.

  • The ceramic is fragile. Thus, please be careful not to drop it on floor.

Product name: Ceramic Diffuser

Main ingredients: Ceramic, ethanol (fermented alcohol), purified water, fragrance, solubilizing agent and antioxidant

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