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Dress Rinse of Parfum de Grasse

Pure Dress Rinse of Parfum de Grasse makes even rinsewater clean. It does not contain antiseptic, disinfectant, preservative or antimicrobial additive. Thus, it is totally safe to human skin. If your rinsewater is murky, then oil ingredient remaining on your clothes may soften the textile. Nonetheless, those clothes that get dry improperly in a humid and warm environment may generate germs even though they look clean.

Pure Dress Rinse reduces drying time of laundry and also time for breeding bacteria. As a result, it helps keep your skin healthy. In addition, it is slightly acid; thus, it can neutralize a detergent with alkali ingredients in order to remove detergent byproducts completely. That is, this product even takes into consideration the most serious concern of those patients with atopy. When you buy new clothes, you can hardly feel grave inconvenience due to the effect of a fabric softener used during the production and also because the fabrics of these new clothes are not damaged at all. However, when there is no fabric softener left after wearing and washing clothes several times, fabric material becomes rough and irritate your skin. Pure Dress Rinse softens fabrics and minimizes damage with its own softener ingredient; thereby, making you feel as though you wear new clothes all the time. Moreover, it neutralizes static electricity because fabric surface becomes negatively charged. As a result, it minimizes static electricity. Lastly, its softener ingredient softens fabrics to minimize damage to fabrics and prevent wrinkles.

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