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Dress Perfume / Shoes Perfume of Parfum de Grasse

Purified water and ethanol account for more than 80 percent of those commercial dress perfumes. That is, these products consist of only fragrance and solubilizing agents. Hence, most of these products are unable to perform deodorization function. If a product lacks deodorization function, then it will simply put scent on unpleasant smell of textile. As a result, it may cause a serious side-effect of generating a more disgusting odor because scent blends with remaining odors. Dress Perfume of Parfum de Grasse has the deodorization function along with the antistatic function. Therefore, it removes odors and leaves only fragrance. Furthermore, it prevents static electricity. The period for which the fragrance is maintained is from 6 hours to 3 days. Thus, this product has a high level of customer satisfaction.

This product removes 99.9 percent of ammonia and aldehyde odor source in 15 minutes. That is, this product is a perfume for textile that leverages the new technology called the selective neutralization that leaves only scent by removing odor sources. You can spray this product to winter clothes, hat, gloves, fan and sweaty running shoes, which can hardly be washed every day. Moreover, this product can be used in bed, curtain, carpet, washroom, wardrobe, drawer and shoe rack. This product allows you to feel as though you have done laundry for those that cannot be washed often.

Dress Shampoo of Parfum de Grasse is the premium perfume liquid detergent free of synthetic surfactant, preservative, artificial color, fluorescent whitening agent and organic solvent. This is a highly concentrated pure soap. Thus, it generates an abundance of foam even if you use it in small quantity. Furthermore, this mild product has an excellent washing capability. Also, this product has a high degree of biological decomposition capability. It has superior force to rinse; thus, you can save water and washing time with this product. It can be used in both conventional washing machine and drum washing machine. It is an eco-friendly and mild laundry detergent that is safe to human skin. Thus, it can be used for laundry of both children and adults.

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