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Diffuser of Parfum de Grasse

The diffuser of Parfum de Grasse is the product that gives fragrance to your desired space such as living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and vehicle. It slowly diffuses fragrance in a space when you soak a fiber stick in the diffuser solution to absorb the solution. The fragrance continues to stay without being vaporized even after several months. Most of the commercial diffuser products do not even diffuse fragrance properly. In contrast, the diffuser of Parfum de Grasse diffuses fragrance by vaporizing even the last remaining drop containing fragrance based on the technology developed in collaboration with the French fragrance maker and the experts thereof for a long time.

How to use

Please open the cap of a liquid bottle and move the liquid into a pottery container. Then, please insert an enclosed fiber stick in the container. Place it in a space where you desire to diffuse fragrance and adjust the intensity of fragrance by varying the number of fiber sticks to suit your taste. It will diffuse fragrance even more if you take fiber sticks out and insert the other end thereof. We recommend you to do this once every week. You can use it for about 4 to 6 weeks. However, the use period is subject to change depending on the environment, humidity and temperature.

Handling Precautions

  1. Please keep this product out of reach of children.

  2. Please do not drink the contents. When the contents are in contact with your eyes or skin, you should wash your eyes and skin thoroughly with clean water. Please consult a doctor if you experience any uncommon symptom.

  3. This is a fragrance product. Thus, please do not use this product for purposes other than its intended purpose, such as massage, bathing and food.

  4. Please make sure that it does not fall off because the air freshener may flow out.

  5. Please avoid direct sunlight or fire on this product.

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